Test Methods for Racing Surface Testing



Methods for Dirt Tracks Methods for Synthetic Tracks
Abrasion Resistance Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Bulk Density Fiber Characterization (FTIR)
Fiber Characterization (FTIR) Fiber Separation
Fiber separation Gas Chromatography
Hydrometer Impact
Microscopy and Particle Shape Microscopy and Particle Shape (Fiber or Sand)
Moisture Content Moisture Content
Organic Content Wax Oil Content
Permeability Permeability
Salt Content Sieve Dewaxed
Sieve separation Tangent Modulus
Tangent Modulus Triaxial Shear Strength
Triaxial Shear Strength Water Holding Capacity
X-Ray Diffraction Wax separation

Minimum Sample Quantities Required for Tests

Test Name Dry Sample weight
Abrasion Resistance 600
Bulk Density 1200
Differential Scanning Calorimetry 10
Gas Chromatography 10
Hydrometer 50
Microscopy 10
Moisture Content 200
Oil Content 20
Organic Content 120
Permeability 150
Salt Content 100
Sieve separation 1000
Tangent Modulus 700
Triaxial Shear Strength 1500
Water Holding 500
Wax and Component separation 300
X-Ray Diraction 25

Sample Worksheets

Moisture Content
Bulk Density
Sieve and Hydrometer


  1. Moisture Content, Triaxial Shear Strength and Tangent Modulus tests are non-destructive so the samples material can be used in other tests.
  2. Typically a single 3000 gram sample that completely fills a gallon zip lock bag is sufficient material for a full suite of tests.

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